2010. jan. 28.


I'm so sorry for that no-writing of the last days cause I didn't have any kinda ideas what to write...
I have seen some films and about them I can make my opinion..

Just like heaven

It was that films' type which can me u a bit to think about what is that LIFE..in usual way,you can't find a very great and huge recipe for these questions,but I think it's not important..the film is with Reese W. and Mark R.,they play good.Story is about actually love..but in a difficult and incredible way..cause Elizabeth is a "ghost"...

What happens in Vegas

It's not the film of heavy problems and actions..it's a comedy,you can find how is the end..but once you can have a good enjoying relax with it.The film with Cameron Diaz,Ashton Kutcher..not was hard to play the roles.A man who is not an adult but a selfish guy with kindish problems..a woman who want to have a life with exact rules..they meet..show begins..until they get married and problems are began...for the money..but love is always in the air..

The Jane Austen bookclub

I adore Jane!!So I didn't have any doubts I want to see that.Six books,six people,six problems..but Jane knows people,their life and she can solve the modern problems between them...just speak about them..with the help of the stories.Problems are just the same..

Crying game

Yeah I know well it's an old film..I can't write anything about that.It's not the the film what's story u can tell in a few sentences.Cause the main,the important thing is the acting of the actors..the people...especially Dil.(Jaye D.) and there're good soundtracks,good sentences..once u should watch it.